“This is the jersey they cut off of me in the emergency room,” Zai said. “What should I do with it?”

She’d been training for the annual¬†AIDS Lifecycle race from San Francisco to Los Angeles when she had a major accident that lead to shattered bones, titanium plates, and extensive rehabilitation. She’d been recovering well but at the time of the race she was uncertain whether she’d be able to bike twelve miles or two hundred. She set out with her team anyway and 545 miles and five days later she crossed the finish line in great spirits. Triumph in the face of adversity turned the tattered jersey into a cherished keepsake. But what to do with it?

My first thought was to frame it and hang it. My second thought was to create a poster around it to make it something special and commemorate the event with art and in my mind it was always going to be the Saul Bass look.

I used a vinyl cutter to create stencils for screen printing then built the frame for the poster so that it would have sufficient depth to hold the jersey. Magnets hold the jersey in place, allowing it to be arranged aesthetically without damaging the printed poster.

Font: Hitchcock